NCERT / CBSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus and Chapter names in the NCERT Workbook 2023-24

Syllabus Overview for 2023-24

Large Numbers: Learns how to solve large number problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Number properties: Learns to recognize even and odd numbers, classifying them as even, odd, prime, co-prime etc. LCM and HCF of numbers in real life situations by solving word problems.

Integers: Learn, understand, and apply integers application involving addition and subtraction

Fractions: using fractions involving money, length, temperature in word problems.

Decimals: Addition and subtraction of decimals including word problems

Geometry: Area and perimeter of various shapes, real life word problems involving them. Line, line segment, open and closed figures, angles, triangle, quadrilateral, circle, and more geometrical shapes. Identifying angles, estimating, and measuring them. Classifying triangles, quadrilaterals based on their angles and sides.

Ratio and Proportion: Comparing quantities using ratio and proportion concepts. Solving word problems related to them.

Shapes & Symmetry: Understanding line of symmetry of 2D shapes and creating symmetrical 2D shapes. Identifying 3D objects like sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, and cone including edges, vertices and faces of a 3D shape

Data handling: Bar graphs, pictograph including collecting data, plotting them, and interpreting the data

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NCERT Class 6 Mathematics book Chapter names for 2023-24

The NCERT book for Class 6 Mathematics has 14 chapters and here are the names for your quick reference

1. Knowing Our Numbers
2. Whole Numbers
3. Playing with Numbers
4. Basic Geometrical Ideas
5. Understanding Elementary Shapes
6. Integers
7. Fractions
8. Decimals
9. Data Handling
10. Mensuration
11. Algebra
12. Ratio and Proportion
13. Symmetry
14. Practical Geometry

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