Thursday 3rd June – Maths

Number Patterns

This week we have been looking at patterns using shapes or objects. Patterns can also be created using numbers.

Look at the examples in the table above.

Independent Task

Have a go at creating your own number patterns. Here are some ideas that you could try:

Make a number pattern using the number 3.

Make a counting backwards pattern starting at the number 55.

Make a number pattern that has the number 12 in it.

Create a number pattern using the numbers 4 and 10.

Or think of your own creative ideas.


Try playing this number pattern game.

Thursday 3rd June – Literacy

Narrative – Comprehension

I am learning to explain my thinking using interesting sentences.

I know I can do it when I have explained why I chose my favourite book using interesting sentences.

This week you have been working with a story that you chose as your favourite book. Use this book to answer some questions in your Journal.

Independent Task

What is the title of your favourite book?

Who is the author of your favourite book?

Who is the illustrator of your favourite book (if it has one)?

Why is this your favourite book? please give at least two detailed reasons.


Choose your favourite part of the story and draw a detailed picture to show what is happening.

If you like, you could write some sentences to describe what is happening in the picture.