Tuesday 17th August – Literacy

Design and Create Your Own Dr. Seuss Character

I am learning to create my own new Dr. Seuss character.

I know I can do it when I have created a detailed character.

Independent Task

You are now an author/illustrator who is going to create a new Dr. Seuss character.

Use things you already know as your inspiration such as your pets, plants, fruits and vegetables or toys that you have. Use this inspiration to create your own new character.

You can choose to draw in great detail or create the character using things such as boxes, paper, tissues, buttons, icy pole sticks, toothpicks etc, whatever you can find in your house.

Take time to focus on the colours that you will use for your new Dr. Seuss character as colours for Dr. Seuss characters are important. Keep your character as you will need them for the next two lessons.