Monday 23rd August – Maths

Predicting capacity

I am learning to predict and order objects to measure capacity.

I know I can do it when I can predict and order objects to measure capacity.

To understand capacity, we need to first understand that capacity means how much something can hold. If we measure the capacity of an object using water, we are seeing how much water it can hold.  

Watch the following video to learn a bit more about capacity and why we need to know what it means:

Independent Task

Choose 5 different objects that will hold water (EG: vase, bucket, spoon, cup).

Order these items in a line and predict what holds the least to the most water.  

Take a photo or draw the objects in the order you think they go in.

Predict how many cups of water you would need to fill each one.  

Write your prediction next to the image. (Please keep these objects for tomorrow’s lesson) 

*Note: you are not filling the containers in this lesson, simply placing them in order and predicting how many cups of water each object may hold.