Wednesday 25th August – Literacy

I can sort texts into “Old Worlds”, “New Worlds” and “Other Worlds”

I am learning to sort different texts into categories.

I know I can do it when sort texts I know into categories.

We now know a little bit about “Old Worlds”, “New Worlds” and “Other Worlds” in books.

Today you are going to go through your own picture book collection.

Independent Task

You are going to select at least six books that you really love, and you are going to sort them into these three categories like the example below:

Old WorldNew WorldOther World
Grandfather’s JourneyIn My HeartAlice in Wonderland

Copy the title of each book into the category you think it belongs in. If you end up with an empty column, see if you can find a book from your shelf that belongs there and add it to your table.

Write some sentences to explain what makes these books belong to their chosen category. For example, ‘In My heart’ is a new world book because it talks about the different feelings and emotions we have.