Thursday 26th August – Literacy

I can Imagine and Create an “Ideal World” Using Ideas I have From Books.

I am learning to use my imagination to create an “Ideal World”.

I know I can do it when I have created a make believe “Ideal World”.

During Book Week you have been learning about the “Old World”, “New World” and “Other Worlds” that we read about in books.

The amazing thing about reading is that it can transport us easily into other worlds without leaving our house or room!

Independent Task

Today you are going to imagine your own world where everything is perfect and just how you want it to be.

This world is called the “Ideal World”.

Use this template or draw a similar one to create your own Ideal World. Write sentences about your ideal world and consider the questions below:

Things to think about when writing about your “Ideal World”:

What does your Ideal World look like?

What does it feel like?

Who/what is in your “Ideal World”?

What sort of things happen there?

What makes this world ideal for you?

This task must be submitted to your teacher via email by 3:30pm Thursday 26th August.

Use the rubric below to guide your writing.

Thursday 26th August – Maths


I am learning to make a container from recycled materials that will hold exactly 10 of the same items.

I know I can do it when I can make a container from recycled materials that will hold exactly 10 of the same items.

Capacity is not just about how much water something can hold.

It can also include filling an object with other materials including money, cookies, pasta and toys, just to name a few.

Today you will be exploring this further by having a go at constructing your own container to hold the objects. 

Independent Task

Make a container from recycled materials (examples: cardboard, Lego, play dough, plasticine, plastic or anything else that you can think of) that will comfortably hold 10 of the same items (examples: cotton wool balls, pasta or Lego blocks).

In order for it to comfortably hold the chosen items it must be full once you reach 10.

If once you have made the container there is still a lot of room left you might adjust the size of the container or choose another item that might fit 10.