Tuesday 5th October – Maths

Might happen

I am learning to order chance statements correctly on a continuum.

I know I can do it when I can order chance statements correctly on a continuum.

Yesterday we focussed on things that will and won’t happen.

Today we are being introduced to the term ‘might happen’.

This term is a little different to the other 2.

If something might happen, it means there is a chance it could happen, but also a chance it may not happen, it is not definite.

Some examples of things that might happen today could include:

  • It rains today (weather can be unpredictable so you never really know what will happen)
  • Have pasta for dinner
  • Cry
  • See a friend at the park

Watch this short video to learn more about will happen, might happen, and won’t happen:

Independent Task

In your scrapbook turn you page length ways (so that it is wide not tall).

Label these 3 headings across the top:

Will happen                                Might happen                              Won’t happen

Using the statements below, write the sentence underneath the heading where it belongs.

  1. Brush my teeth
  2. Go to the park
  3. Watch a movie with a cow
  4. Eat some ice-cream
  5. See my teacher
  6. Breathe fire
  7. Fall over
  8. Drink water
  9. Drive a car

Once you have written each sentence under the correct heading you will have 3 sentences for each, double check that you have this.