Tuesday 26th October – Maths

Mass – Heavier or lighter

I am learning to tell if something is heavier or lighter than an object.

I know I can do it when I have compared objects to find out which is heavier and lighter.

Now that you are familiar with heavy and light you are going to explore the terms heavier and lighter. In order to determine if something is heavier or lighter than another object you will need to compare them with each other.

Before we look at comparing with scales, we can learn to compare by hefting objects. Hefting an object means you place them in each hand and let your body feel which hand is holding more weight, this will be the heavier object.

The following video demonstrates how to heft objects:

Have a go at a few examples of heavier and lighter in this video:

Independent Task

Use the following 3 items to compare with others:

  1. Drink bottle (full)
  2. A book
  3. A toy of your choice (avoid very light toys as it will make it difficult to compare)

In your scrapbook draw each of the 3 items vertically down the middle of your page.

Go on a treasure hunt around your house (inside and outside).

One at a time, find something that is lighter than the object (by hefting-comparing with your hands) and something that is heavier.

Draw the lighter object to the left of your picture and the heavier object on the right so that they are in order from lightest to heaviest.

Complete this task for all 3 objects, making sure to find different lighter and heavier objects for each.