Wellbeing – Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th August.

Mindfulness: Belly Breathing

I am learning to: belly breathe to calm my mind.

I know I can do it when: I can concentrate on the meditation while doing my belly breathing.

Story Time

Follow this link to listen to a teacher called Penny read Why Worry Wally by Rick Foster, illustrated by Jackie Case:


In the story, Wally learns how to manage his worries, think positively and have a good day.

One way to calm our worries is to practise meditation, which is a form of mindfulness.

Meditation Time

Go to this link and choose either the Mindful Belly Breathing or Worry Spot meditation.
Note for Parents: Play one of the suggested meditations for you child/ren.

Doing the meditation with them will help improve their practice.

Ask them how it made them feel. Your child/ren might like to try it again at night time in bed or at a time when they are feeling worried.