Wednesday 1st September – Maths

Investigating and Comparing Coins

I am learning to explore the shape and colour of each Australian coin.

I know I can do it when I can compare the shape, size, and colour of Australian coins.

Today’s task will have you exploring and recognising Australian coins based on their size and shape.

Independent Task

You need to investigate and compare the shape and size of each Australian coin, by tracing around the edge of a coin.

Categorise each coin by colouring it in, in either silver/grey or yellow/gold).


Can you recognise each coin just by looking at the traced outline?

What do you notice about the size?

Does a coin size have anything to do with their value?

Wednesday 1st September – Literacy

Writing a Card

I am learning about how to set out a card and how to make my own.

I know I can do it when I can write a card/ letter to my father or someone special to me.

We often like to celebrate occasions by making a card for someone special. This Sunday 5th of September is Father’s Day.

One way you might like to celebrate your dad, or someone special in your life is by making a card for them.

To do this, we need to understand how a card is written.

Below are some examples of cards that you could use OR you could create your own design.

Independent Task

You will be creating a card for your dad or someone special.

FIRST you will need to write who the card is for, for example To Dad or To Grandpa or To Your Special Friend.

NEXT you can write a sentence or 2 that describes your dad or special person. Some examples can include:

‘I think you are the best because you make yummy food.’

‘You are the best because you give big hugs.’

THEN you need to write who the card is from for example Love From Jake.

Make sure you add lots of colour and pictures to your card to make it look nice.