Wednesday 2nd June – Literacy

Narrative – Setting

I am learning to identify the main setting in a story.

I know I can do it when I have developed a detailed picture to show the setting in a story.

Yesterday, we looked at the characters in our favourite books. Today, we are going to think about the setting of the story.

Independent Task

Using the same book that you chose yesterday, create a picture that shows the main setting of the story.

Make sure that your picture is detailed so that it is clear where your story is taking place.

Write some interesting adjectives to describe your setting.


Use some of the adjectives that you chose to create interesting sentences to describe your setting.

Wednesday June 2nd – Maths

Growing Patterns

I am learning to explain and create a growing pattern.

I know I can do it when I have created my own growing pattern.

Growing patterns are a little bit different to repeating patterns. The photos below demonstrate some growing patterns.

What do you notice about the growing patterns?

Independent Task

Explain what you think a growing pattern is based on the pictures above.

Have a go at building some of your own growing patterns using items in your home. Describe your growing patterns and explain how they are different from each other.