Thursday 7th October – Maths

50/50 chance

I am learning to understand what 50/50 chance means when tossing a coin.

I know I can do it when I can play a game with 50/50 chance.

Today we are looking at the term 50/50 chance.

What this means is that there will be 2 options to choose from, you have an equal chance of picking one option as you do the other.

The best way to look at 50/50 chance is by tossing a coin. Regardless of whether you choose heads or tails, you have an equal chance of it landing on your selection.

Today you will be playing a game with someone from your household. The side of the coin that you choose, decides whether or not you have a turn.

You have a 50/50 chance of getting a turn with every coin toss!

Independent Task

You are going to be playing the game ‘What a face’ with someone else from your family.

You will both need a sheet of paper, pencil and then 1 coin to share between the two of you.

Each of you will draw a large oval shape. You are trying to draw in 9 features on the oval shape

1.face- hair

2. 2 ears

3. 2 eyes

4. 2 eyebrows

5. a mouth

6. a nose

These can be drawn in any order.

Decide whether you are heads or tails.

When it is your go, toss the coin.

What chance does your partner have of it landing their way? Heads or tails?

Whoever wins the toss, draws 1 feature on their face. Who is first to complete the face?

Is this fair? Invent your own rules too. For example, draw extras such as cheeks, a chin and anything else you can think of.