Wednesday 9th June – Literacy

Let’s Make a Pizza!

I am learning to construct a procedural text about a familiar experience.

I know I can do it when I can draw, write and explain the steps I took to complete a task.

Over the next 2 days, we are going to make a pizza!

Today you will have a go at writing the procedural text that explains how to make a pizza.

Tomorrow you will follow the text that you have created to make your own pizza!

Independent Task

Your task today is to write a procedural text to explain the steps that you must follow to make a delicious home-made pizza.

Write your procedural text in your Journal Book.

Remember to include:

  • A title (and the date).
  • A goal for your procedure (to make a pizza).
  • A list of ingredients that you will need.
  • A list of steps to follow in order to create your yummy pizza.


You also have Reading Eggs tasks to continue with.