Wednesday 21st July – Maths

Addition Up To 20.

I am learning to use addition strategies to solve problems with numbers up to 20.

I know I can do it when I have used my mental strategies to solve some addition problems.

To complete today’s task you will need some cards numbered 1-20. You can create your own or use the ones attached below.

Independent Task

Using your 1-20 cards, shuffle them and place them face down on the floor.

Flip over two random cards and add the numbers together using your favourite addition strategy.

Record the problems that you have solved in your Maths book. Try to solve at least 5 different problems.

Adjusting This Task For You!

If you are finding this task a bit too tricky, use the cards from 1-12.

If you want to challenge yourself with this task, create some cards that are even larger than 20…maybe up to 30 or even 50!