Thursday 9th September – Literacy

Persuasive Poster

I am learning to design and create a poster that is intended to persuade an audience.

I know I can do it when I can use the strategies, I have learned to create a persuasive poster.

This week we have been learning about persuasive texts. We learnt that advertisements can be used to convince you to buy or do something. Today you are going to create your own advertisement!

Independent Task

Design a poster that will convince people to buy or do something.

Maybe you want to convince people to buy your favourite sweet, snack or toy.

Perhaps it is wanting to convince people to do things like recycle, wear a helmet on their bike or scooter or perhaps you’d like them to come to your birthday party!

Remember to:

  • Use persuasive words to convince people (use your word list from Tuesday).
  • Use bright and bold colours to catch people’s attention.

Your poster might look something like this:

Tuesday 7th September – Literacy

Persuasive Texts – Persuasive Language

I am learning to identify a variety of strategies and text types that can be used to persuade.

I know I can do it when I can identify the strategies and texts that are used and designed to persuade an audience.

Yesterday, we learnt that persuasive writing is used to convince you to think, feel or do something.

Watch/listen to the story ‘Eat Your Peas’ below. Think about what Daisy’s mum is trying to convince Daisy to do.

In the story ‘Eat Your Peas’, Daisy’s mum tries many ways to persuade her to eat her peas.

Making promises is not the only way that we can be convinced to do something though.

Everywhere we go, we see things that are trying to persuade us to do or buy something!

Today, we will learn about how people use special words and pictures to convince you to buy or do something.

Independent Task

Look at the images below.

All the pictures are advertisements.

They are all trying to convince to you buy or do something.

They use bright colours and choose special words to make you think their product is the best.

Which words are used in this advertisement to convince you to buy this drink?

Is this advertisement trying to convince you that straws are good or bad? How do you know?

Your task today is to make a list of words that people might use to convince you of something.

Some examples include:

  • Delicious
  • Amazing
  • Better than
  • You must
  • You need
  • Everybody loves

Can you write 10 other words that can be used to convince me to buy something?