Friday 27th August – Fantastic Friday

Book Week 2021!

It’s Book Week this week!

The theme for this year is “Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds”.

Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, Australian authors and illustrators. 

In 1946 the CBCA started the annual book awards for children’s books that are well written and illustrated. These awards are now the most influential and highly respected in Australia.

For more information, visit the Book Week 2021 website.

Today you can listen to these books that have been shortlisted for book of the year and complete one or more fun activities.

Book 1 – No! Never!

Watch/Listen Below.

No! Never! Activity

Book 2 – Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot.

Watch/Listen Below.

Ribbit, Rabbit, Robot Activity

Book 3 – The Unwilling Twin.

Watch/Listen Below.

The Unwilling Twin Activity.

Book 4 – This Small Blue Dot.

Watch/Listen Below.

This Small Blue Dot Activity

Specialist Activities

Thursday 26th August – Literacy

I can Imagine and Create an “Ideal World” Using Ideas I have From Books.

I am learning to use my imagination to create an “Ideal World”.

I know I can do it when I have created a make believe “Ideal World”.

During Book Week you have been learning about the “Old World”, “New World” and “Other Worlds” that we read about in books.

The amazing thing about reading is that it can transport us easily into other worlds without leaving our house or room!

Independent Task

Today you are going to imagine your own world where everything is perfect and just how you want it to be.

This world is called the “Ideal World”.

Use this template or draw a similar one to create your own Ideal World. Write sentences about your ideal world and consider the questions below:

Things to think about when writing about your “Ideal World”:

What does your Ideal World look like?

What does it feel like?

Who/what is in your “Ideal World”?

What sort of things happen there?

What makes this world ideal for you?

This task must be submitted to your teacher via email by 3:30pm Thursday 26th August.

Use the rubric below to guide your writing.

Wednesday 25th August – Literacy

I can sort texts into “Old Worlds”, “New Worlds” and “Other Worlds”

I am learning to sort different texts into categories.

I know I can do it when sort texts I know into categories.

We now know a little bit about “Old Worlds”, “New Worlds” and “Other Worlds” in books.

Today you are going to go through your own picture book collection.

Independent Task

You are going to select at least six books that you really love, and you are going to sort them into these three categories like the example below:

Old WorldNew WorldOther World
Grandfather’s JourneyIn My HeartAlice in Wonderland

Copy the title of each book into the category you think it belongs in. If you end up with an empty column, see if you can find a book from your shelf that belongs there and add it to your table.

Write some sentences to explain what makes these books belong to their chosen category. For example, ‘In My heart’ is a new world book because it talks about the different feelings and emotions we have.

Tuesday 24th August – Literacy

Comparing “New Worlds” to “Other Worlds”.

I am learning to compare texts I read or hear read to me.

I know I can do it when I am able to identify the similarities and differences in the texts I encounter.

Continuing with the theme of Book Week, today you are going listen to two different stories.

One is about the Book Week theme of “New Worlds” (no longer in the olden days and more about how things are today).

The other is about “Other Worlds” (fantasy and make believe).

New Worlds

Other Worlds

Independent Task

Now that you have listened to or watched both stories, you are going to COMPARE the two.

I’m Australian Too is a New World story.

It is about the Australia that we live in today and the different people that choose to come and live here.

Where the Wild Things Are is about “Other Worlds“, a fantasy/make believe world.

What do these stories have in common?

What is different about them?

Draw a Venn diagram that looks like the one below to compare the similarities and differences with these two texts.

Use this to write/draw the similarities and differences that you noticed between the two books. Brainstorm as many ideas as you can!

Monday 23rd August – Literacy

Writing a Book Review About a Book Set Long Ago.

I am learning to write a book review about a book set in the “Old World.”

I know I can do it when I can produce a book report on a book set in the “Old World.”

This week it is book week!

The theme of this years Book Week is “Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds”.

Each day you will look at a different book!

Listen to the book Little Lon being read to you below. Maybe you want to watch and listen to it a few times.

Independent Task

Today, you are going to be writing a review about the book ‘Little Lon‘. This book is about the “Old World” in Melbourne many years ago.

Use the attachment below to answer questions about the book. If you do not have a printer at home, copy the questions into your workbook or onto a separate piece of paper.

Remember to rule margins, date and label your work.