Wednesday 15th September – Maths

Making my own exercise/dance routine

I am learning to create my own exercise/dance routine.

I know I can do it when I have created an exercise/dance routine.

In preparation for the disco coming up this Friday we thought we would get our bodies ready for lots of dancing and moving.

You will be creating your very own exercise routine.

There are lots of different exercises, stretches and dance moves that you could combine into your own special routine.

Watch this exercise video to get a workout in and to help you think of different exercises you might like to choose.

Independent Task

You will be coming up with your own exercise routine.

This routine will consist of 10 different exercises/stretches or dance moves.

Once you have come up with your 10 different exercises you will need to decide how many times you will do each. For example, if you have chosen star jumps you might decide to do 10 of them, if you chose push ups you might choose to do 5.

On a piece of paper write down your 10 exercises with the number 1-10 next to it along with how many times you will do it.

An example could be:

  1. 10 star jumps
  2. 5 push ups
  3. 20 jumps

And so on…

If you make up an exercise or dance move yourself, create your own name for that move.

When you have completed writing your routine, see if you can have your family members follow the routine as well.

Be sure to get your body moving ready for the disco this week!