Tuesday 17th August – Maths

Fractions – Dividing a Whole into Halves

I am learning to split an object into two equal parts and describe them.

I know I can do it when I can create a necklace that has two different halves.

Now that you understand what a whole is, today’s focus is on identifying halves. Dividing a whole into two equal parts makes two halves.

The creative apple combined from two half of red and green color isolated

Watch the video below to learn more about halves. ↓↓↓

Independent Task

You will be demonstrating what two halves look like by making your own pasta necklace:

Follow these steps to make your pasta necklace:

  1. Get a long piece of string (for a necklace).
  2. Have two different types of pasta. This may be two different colours or different types that you can thread onto your necklace. EG: penne, rigatoni, macaroni, straws, Froot Loops and beads.
  3. Make a necklace to show each half having the same amount of pasta. How do you know that they have the same amount?
  4. Please bring your pasta necklace to Wednesday’s WebEx meeting to share with the class.