Thursday 2nd September – Literacy

Celebrating Father’s Day or Special Person’s Day

I am learning to complete sentences using adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs to describe my dad or special person.

I know I can do it when I can complete a sentence to describe my dad or special person.

This Sunday is all about making your dad or a special person know how much you love them.

These people are important parts of your life and have helped you become the amazing person you are today.

Today you will share some of the things you know about your dad or special person.

Watch this fun song below and think about the special people in your life.

Independent Task

Today your task is to share some information about your dad or your special person by filling some answers into the blank spaces on the templates below.

Begin filling in the missing words either on the sheet or in your book.

See how much you know about them!

Once you have finished you may like to fold it up and place it inside your card from yesterday so they can read it on Sunday.


You must shower your dad or special person with lots of hugs and kisses on Sunday! If you can’t see them, you could post your card or call them to chat.

Wednesday 1st September – Literacy

Writing a Card

I am learning about how to set out a card and how to make my own.

I know I can do it when I can write a card/ letter to my father or someone special to me.

We often like to celebrate occasions by making a card for someone special. This Sunday 5th of September is Father’s Day.

One way you might like to celebrate your dad, or someone special in your life is by making a card for them.

To do this, we need to understand how a card is written.

Below are some examples of cards that you could use OR you could create your own design.

Independent Task

You will be creating a card for your dad or someone special.

FIRST you will need to write who the card is for, for example To Dad or To Grandpa or To Your Special Friend.

NEXT you can write a sentence or 2 that describes your dad or special person. Some examples can include:

‘I think you are the best because you make yummy food.’

‘You are the best because you give big hugs.’

THEN you need to write who the card is from for example Love From Jake.

Make sure you add lots of colour and pictures to your card to make it look nice.