Friday 15th October – Maths

Statistics – Analysing graphs

I am learning to analyse the results in a graph by answering questions.

I know I can do it when I have answered questions about a graph.

Today you are going to be putting all your shoes into groups based on the main colour of them.

You will be organising your shoes in a different way to what you have previously done this week. This new way is called a bar graph.

You will be looking at this more closely in your WebEx classes next week.

Independent Task

Collect all of your shoes and group them into similar colours, look at the image below for a guide:

Take a photo or draw a picture of them.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What colour shoe do you have the most of?
  2. What colour shoe do you have the least of?
  3. Are there any colours that you have the same amount of?

Make sure to pack away your shoes when you have finished!

Friday 15th October – Literacy

Spalding Rule 5

I am learning the Spalding Rules.

I know I can do it when I can match the rule to a word.

Every Friday we will be focusing on a new Spalding rule.

Today we will be learning about rule 5.

Independent Task

In the photo below, you can see some words that follow rule 5. We mark rule 5 by using our red pencil to write ‘r.5’ next to the word.

Using the words below, mark them correctly as following rule 5.

Don’t forget:

  • To include syllable breaks
  • To underline any multiple-letter phonograms.
  • Using your neatest Spalding handwriting.

Rule 5 Words:

bi cy cle



re ply

Ju ly

Once you have marked each word as following rule 5, write each word into a meaningful sentence in your Journal. Remember to use a full stop and a capital letter to signal the beginning and the end of your sentence.