Friday 15th October – Literacy

Spalding Rule 5

I am learning the Spalding Rules.

I know I can do it when I can match the rule to a word.

Every Friday we will be focusing on a new Spalding rule.

Today we will be learning about rule 5.

Independent Task

In the photo below, you can see some words that follow rule 5. We mark rule 5 by using our red pencil to write ‘r.5’ next to the word.

Using the words below, mark them correctly as following rule 5.

Don’t forget:

  • To include syllable breaks
  • To underline any multiple-letter phonograms.
  • Using your neatest Spalding handwriting.

Rule 5 Words:

bi cy cle



re ply

Ju ly

Once you have marked each word as following rule 5, write each word into a meaningful sentence in your Journal. Remember to use a full stop and a capital letter to signal the beginning and the end of your sentence.

Friday 8th October – Literacy

Spalding Rule 26

I am learning the Spalding rules.

I know I can do it when I can match the rule to a word.

Every Friday to start Term 4, we will be focusing on a new Spalding rule.

Today we will be learning about rule 26.

Independent Task

Rule 26 is: Names or titles of people, places, books, days, or months are capitalised.

These sorts of names are called proper nouns.

We want you to think about your school holidays again. Can you write some words that fit into Rule 26?

For example:

  • Names of people you saw. For example, Rahni
  • Names of places you went to. For example, Woolworths and Westerfolds Park
  • The days of the holidays. For example, Sunday and Monday
  • Books and movies I watched.

Make a list of 10 to 15 words that fit into rule 26.

Do not forget to mark your words the same as the photo below:

Friday 17th September – Fantastic Friday

Disco Day!

Activity 1 – Disco!

Bring your mum, dad, pets, brothers and sisters to the Prep/Grade 1/Grade 2 disco at 9:15-10:15am today.

Disco Zoom details:

The Digital Disco will be hosted on the Zoom platform (NOT Webex). 
Here is the digital disco access link that will provide direct access to the digital disco at the scheduled time of 9:15am. 

Access Link:
Webinar ID:837 3684 7236

Activity 2 – Class Morning Tea!

Set up a morning tea for you to have with your class at 10:45am in your usual Webex room.

You may want to have some of the food you made yesterday for the disco. Bring your disco decoration, that you made, to share with the class.

Activity 3 – Enjoy Your Holidays!

Today is the last day of Term 3… Have a wonderful break!

Friday 10th September – Fantastic Friday

It’s another Fantastic Friday! Last week you started your activity grid. This week your task is to have a go at some of the activities that you didn’t try last week.

If you need it again, download the grid below ↓↓↓

Don’t forget to complete all of your specialist activities this week as well!

Friday 3rd September – Fantastic Friday

It’s Fantastic Friday again! For the next two weeks, you will have an activity grid to choose your own tasks!

You will have two Fridays to do these so try not to do them all at once!

Download the grid below ↓↓↓

Don’t forget your Specialist activities too!

Friday 20th August – Fantastic Friday

Science Week 2021

Did you know it’s National Science Week?

The theme for this year is “Food: Different by Design”.

For more information, visit the National Science Week 2021 website.

You can also try these DIY science experiments at home, or visit the STEM blog for more fun activities.

Activity 1: Lava Lamp

Activity 2: Beautiful Bath Bombs

Activity 3: Pop & Catch

Activity 4: Fancy going on a virtual excursion? Click here for details.

Activity 5: Don’t forget to complete your Art, Mandarin, Music and P.E. tasks.