Wednesday 8th September – Literacy

Writing a Persuasive Letter

I am learning to think of ways to persuade an audience.

I know I can do it when I am able to write persuasive sentences.

This week we have been learning about persuasive writing. We now know that we can use different language (words) to convince our readers to feel, think or believe something.

Watch/listen to the story ‘I Wanna Iguana’ below.

In the story, Alex is writing letters to his mum to convince her to let him have a pet iguana.

Listen carefully to the way he writes his letters and some of the words he uses.

Independent Task

If you could have ANY pet in the WORLD, what would it be?

Would it be… a fox? A lion? A dragon? A unicorn?

Using persuasive language, write a letter that might convince the people in your home that this is the pet you should have.

Your letter might look something like this:

Dear Family,

I would like a pet snake. They are very quiet, and they do not make any mess.

Snakes do not eat very much, and they like to eat mice which means mice will stay away.

Unlike dogs, they don’t need to be walked every day.

Please let me have a snake!

From Miss Nolan.

Please note: This task will need to be submitted on or before Thursday 9th September 3:30pm.

Please see the following rubric as a marking guide.