Friday 8th October – Maths

Certain and impossible

I am learning to understand the difference between certain and impossible.

I know I can do it when I can write sentences based on the fairy tale that were certain and impossible.

On Monday you looked at the terms will happen and won’t happen with regards to chance. Today’s words are similar. We are now looking at certain and impossible.

For something to be certain it means it will absolutely happen, for something to be impossible it means there is no way it will happen (usually something silly or outrageous). Watch ‘Mr Impossible’ below to get an idea:

Independent Task

You are going to be finding things that are certain and impossible from fairy tales. You may like to look at the story Cinderella. If you do not have a copy of this story, you can watch it here:

Alternatively, you can choose any other fairy tale that you have at home.

After you have read the story, write sentences that were certain and write sentences that were impossible from the story in your writing book.

For example: It is certain that Cinderella went to the ball. It is impossible that the ugly stepsisters will marry the prince.

Try and write 2 certain sentences and 2 impossible sentences.

For the impossible sentences you will need to think creatively.