Monday 31st May – Maths

Building a Repeating Pattern

I am learning to understand a repeating pattern.

I know I can do it when I can create my own repeating pattern.

Patterns are a repeating sequence or design.

In the image above you can see some repeating pattern examples. You can see the pattern: same, same, different.

Independent Task

Using forks and spoons at home, create your own repeating patterns.

How many patterns can you make?

Take a photo of each different pattern and explain the sequence.

Patterns can be labelled using the alphabet. The examples above would be labelled A, A, B patterns instead of same, same, different. Label the patterns you made using the alphabet.


Click the link below to play a fun pattern game!

Monday 31st May – Literacy

Literacy – Recount

I am learning to write a recount using interesting sentences including capital letters and full stops.

I know I can do it when I have written an interesting recount about my weekend.

What did you do on the weekend?

Write a recount about what you did or about an activity that you did on the weekend. Be sure to read over your work and make sure you included full stops and capital letters.

To make your writing really interesting, think about adding some adjectives to your sentences.