Monday 11th October – Literacy

Fact and Opinion

I am learning to identify a fact from and opinion.

I know I can do it when I know the difference between a fact and an opinion.

This week we are beginning to look at informative texts.

Informative texts are pieces of writing, film or speech that only use FACTS to tell their audience about a topic. If we are using FACTS in our writing, we need to know the difference between a FACT and an OPINION.

To learn more about FACTS and OPINIONS watch the video below ↓↓↓

Independent Learning 

Today you are learning how to tell a FACT from an OPINION.

Look at the image below.

In your book list the numbers 1-10 and record you whether you think the statement is a F (Fact) or an O (opinion).

For example:

I like spaghetti better than pizza is an OPINION (O)

Cats have 4 legs is a FACT (F)

Monday 11th October – Maths

Statistics – Yes/No questions

I am learning to identify questions that have a yes or no answer.

I know I can do it when I have listed questions with a yes or no answer.

Over the next two weeks you will be looking at different types of graphs.

We use graphs to help record information.

The information you record is based on questions you ask.

Today we are focusing on yes and no questions. These are questions that can only be answered with either yes or no.

For example, if you asked the question “is it raining?” you would either respond with yes or no.

Watch this video to learn some yes and no questions:

Independent Task

Think about questions you could ask your family that require a yes or no answer.

Make a list of 6-8 yes/no questions in your writing book.