Friday 15th October – Literacy

Spalding Rule 5

I am learning the Spalding Rules.

I know I can do it when I can match the rule to a word.

Every Friday we will be focusing on a new Spalding rule.

Today we will be learning about rule 5.

Independent Task

In the photo below, you can see some words that follow rule 5. We mark rule 5 by using our red pencil to write ‘r.5’ next to the word.

Using the words below, mark them correctly as following rule 5.

Don’t forget:

  • To include syllable breaks
  • To underline any multiple-letter phonograms.
  • Using your neatest Spalding handwriting.

Rule 5 Words:

bi cy cle



re ply

Ju ly

Once you have marked each word as following rule 5, write each word into a meaningful sentence in your Journal. Remember to use a full stop and a capital letter to signal the beginning and the end of your sentence.