Thursday 12th August – Maths

Solving Simple Subtraction Problems Using a Number Line.

I am learning to solve simple subtraction problems by counting back on a number line.

I know I can do it when I can using the counting back strategy on a number line to solve subtraction problems.

Yesterday we used the counting back strategy to solve subtraction problems. You can also use the counting back strategy with the help of a number line to solve subtraction problems.

To access some number lines, download the file below. ↓↓↓

Watch the video below if you’re unsure how to use a number line to solve a subtraction problem.

Independent Task

Using a number line, solve the following 15 subtraction task cards. You will need to download the task cards below. ↓↓↓


Can you solve the cards in your head without using a number line or counting on your fingers?

If you can, share the strategy that you are using with a family member.

Print and cut the cards up or write them on paper and cut them up. Place the cards face down and flip to reveal the sum. See how quickly you can solve each problem.

You could even add to the cards by using these sums- 

27-10 =

26-5 =

28-15 =

22-16 =

21- 9 =