Thursday 2nd September – Maths

Ordering Australian Coins

I am learning to order Australian coins according to their value.

I know I can do it when I can order the value of Australian coins from lowest to highest and from highest to lowest.

Watch the following video to learn a little bit more about the features and characteristics of each Australian coin:

Using your knowledge of the coins that you have learnt so far, you will be having a go at ordering them based on value. Things you may need to think about:

Does the size of the coin relate to how much it is worth? Is the biggest coin worth the most?

Are the gold or silver coins worth more?

Do the numbers on the coin give me clues?

Independent Task

Make sure you have one of each coin (can be a paper coin).

Please see below for a template of paper coins you can print:

Order the coins in ascending order, from the lowest to the highest amount in value.

Now, order the coins in descending order, from highest to lowest amount in value.

Take a photo of your value ordering OR trace around each coin to show the order you have created.


Can you write the order of the coins from lowest to highest and then highest to lowest by simply writing their value, for example $2, 50c etc.

*Try and remember the symbols used to represent cents and dollars and whether they sit before or after the number.

Thursday 2nd September – Literacy

Celebrating Father’s Day or Special Person’s Day

I am learning to complete sentences using adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs to describe my dad or special person.

I know I can do it when I can complete a sentence to describe my dad or special person.

This Sunday is all about making your dad or a special person know how much you love them.

These people are important parts of your life and have helped you become the amazing person you are today.

Today you will share some of the things you know about your dad or special person.

Watch this fun song below and think about the special people in your life.

Independent Task

Today your task is to share some information about your dad or your special person by filling some answers into the blank spaces on the templates below.

Begin filling in the missing words either on the sheet or in your book.

See how much you know about them!

Once you have finished you may like to fold it up and place it inside your card from yesterday so they can read it on Sunday.


You must shower your dad or special person with lots of hugs and kisses on Sunday! If you can’t see them, you could post your card or call them to chat.

Monday 30th August – Thursday 2nd September – Integrated Studies

The Different Parts of a Plant.

I am learning to identify and label the different parts of a plant.

I know I can do it when I can label a diagram showing the different parts of a plant.

This week in Integrated Studies, we are going to learn more about plants! Plants come in all shapes and sizes but many of them have things in common.

Watch this video to learn more about plants. ↓↓↓

Independent Task

Now that you know more about the different parts of a plant, your task this week is to draw or label a diagram (picture) of a plant showing all of those different parts.

You can use the diagram below or you can draw your own. Make sure to add colour and make sure your picture includes all of the important parts of a plant.