Thursday 16th September – Maths

Family cooking

I am learning to follow a recipe to make snacks.

I know I can do it when I have followed a recipe and made snacks with my family.

In preparation for the disco coming up tomorrow, we thought it would be a fun activity for you to make some disco snacks.

Choose one or more of the recipes below to make. It can be your special snack to have after the disco.

Independent Task

Choose one or more of the following recipes:

Disco Marshmallows


  • Packet of marshmallows
  • Chocolate to melt (can be cooking chocolate or chocolate melts)
  • Sprinkles


  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or a double boiler and let it cool a little.
  2. Dip half of each marshmallow in the melted chocolate and make them stand, chocolate covered parts will look up.
  3. Wait 2 minutes and then dip them into sprinkles
  4. Chill for 30 minutes and serve or pack away.

Pretzel Party Lights


  • Packet of pretzels
  • White chocolate to melt (can be cooking chocolate or chocolate melts)
  • Sprinkles


  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or a double boiler.
  2. Dip the pretzels in the chocolate (Use a fork and tap the pretzel against the side of the bowl to let any excess chocolate drip off).
  3. Place the pretzels on a baking sheet.
  4. Apply sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.

Fruit Disco Sticks


  • Fruit of your choice cut up into small chunks
  • Marshmallows (optional)
  • Skewers


  1. Take a wooden skewer and thread your chosen fruit onto each.
  2. Place a marshmallow on the end if you wish to.
  3. Repeat process to make as many as you like.

Thursday 16th September – Literacy

How to Make a Decoration

I am learning to write and/or record a procedural text.

I know I can do it when I have created a procedural text.

Watch the video below of a boy making a paper plane.

This video is an example of a procedural text as the boy explains how to make the plane.

Remember that procedural texts are used to explain and teach us how to do something.

The boy in the video needed to write down the steps and words that he needed to say and follow before recording himself and showing others how to make a paper aeroplane.

Independent Task

Yesterday, you made a decoration to make your house disco ready for Friday.

Today, you are going to tell or show another person how to make a decoration.

It can be the one you made yesterday, or it can be something simple like a paper chain or Chinese lantern.

You can write a script and record a video of yourself demonstrating how to make the decoration you choose (Use the boy in the paper plane video as an example).


You can write a procedure that explains each of the steps required to make your disco decoration.

See if anyone in your family can follow your instructions!

Monday 13th September – Thursday 16th September – Integrated Studies

Life Cycle of a Plant

I am learning to understand the stages of a plant’s life cycle.

I know I can do it when I can identify the stages of a plant’s life cycle.

During our unit on plants, you have learned about the different parts of a plant and what plants need to survive. You have also had a go at a few experiments during our visit from Mad About Science.

This week, we are going to learn about the life cycle of plants!

Just like animals, plants follow a life cycle. To learn more about the life cycle of a plant, watch the video below. ↓↓↓

Independent Task

Today, your task is to watch the video above that describes a plant’s life cycle and then identify the different stages of a plant’s life cycle.

You can print out the document below to cut and paste the stages in order OR you can draw and label your own plant life cycle diagram on some paper.