Wednesday 11th August – Literacy

Nouns, Verbs and Adverbs

I am learning to use and identify nouns, verbs and adverbs in sentences.

I know I can do it when I can use and identify nouns, verbs and adverbs and use them in sentences.

Today we are going to be working with nouns, verbs and adverbs. To remind yourself of the differences between these types of words, read below.

Nouns – A person, place or thing. For example: Mr. Lee, Birralee, table.

Verbs – A doing word. For example: teaching, running, talking.

Adverbs – Usually used to describe how we are doing something. For example: teaching loudly, running quickly, talking softly.

Independent Task

Make three columns a piece of paper. Label one nouns, one verbs and one adverbs.

Brainstorm nouns then adjectives then adverbs in each column, like this:

Cat, Dog, Mum, Chair, Mr. Ryan.Jump, Swim, Catch, Paint, Hug.Quietly, Gracefully, Carefully, Loudly, Enthusiastically.

List as many as you can.

Mix and match to make at least 5 silly sentences.

Draw a picture for each sentence.

Adjusting This Task For You!

If you would like to challenge yourself, try to add at least one adjective to each of your sentences as well!

Tuesday 10th August – Literacy

Verbs and Adverbs

I am learning to use and identify verbs and adverbs.

I know I can do it when I can use verbs and adverbs in a sentence.

Today we are going to focus on using verbs and adverbs. Watch this video to learn more about them! ↓↓↓

Independent Learning

Think of the athlete that you researched yesterday, make a list of VERBS that might be used to describe your athletes sport and some ADVERBS that might describe their performance.

Your list should look something like this:



Using the list of verbs and adverbs that you have created, write some interesting sentences.

For example:

Stewart McSweyn RUNS GRACEFULLY as he SMASHES his competition BRAVELY.