Monday 6th September – Maths

Who am I?

I am learning to write descriptive statements to describe an Australian coin.

I know I can do it when I can write descriptive statements to describe an Australian coin.

Last week we were learning about Australian coins.

We learnt about how each coin is different, their sizes/shapes, what they are made of and the figures/animals that are on them.

Today you are going to solve a mystery by decoding sentences describing Australian coins.

Watch this video to refresh your memory about the Australian coins before completing your tasks.

Independent Task

Download the template below or write the questions into your workbook.

Read the clues and answer to solve the ‘Who am I?’ questions.

Once you have completed the questions, you are going to write your own descriptive sentences to describe an Australian coin.

Write 2 sentences that describe the 5c coin and $1 coin.

Think about the features that make these two coins different to all the other Australian coins and what makes them special.

Examples: shape, value, colour, picture.

Carefully select verbs and adjectives to support your writing.