Monday 4th October – Maths

Will happen/won’t happen

I am learning to understand the difference between will happen and won’t happen.

I know I can do it when I can draw 5 things that will happen today and draw 5 things that won’t happen today.

This week you will be looking at chance. When we think about chance, we are thinking about how likely something is to happen. For example, what are the chances you will have lunch today or go for a walk?

There are many words we can use to measure the chance of something happening, which you will look at in your WebEx classes this week.

Today’s focus is on the words ‘will happen’ and ‘won’t happen’.

Will happen refers to something very likely to occur such as eating breakfast, getting dressed, or joining your WebEx call.

Won’t happen looks at things that are not likely to occur such as riding a horse, going to school, or having ice-cream for breakfast.

Independent Task

In your scrap book fold your paper in half so that you have 2 columns (refer to the image below):

In one column have the heading ‘will happen’ and in the other column have the heading ‘won’t happen’.

Write down 5 things for each column. If you would like to draw a picture next to it you can.