Monday 6th – Thursday 9th September – Wellbeing


I am learning to notice when I do or see something I am grateful for.

I know I can do it when I can notice when I feel grateful and say “dis” (this).

Have a look at the video below of Martin and Hugh from The Resilience Project talking about ‘dis’ moments.

What are some things you are grateful for?

We are going to practise #DIS just like in the video.

Think about things at home that you are thankful for. Go for a walk in the backyard or in the street and point to things you are grateful for and say “dis”.

Option 1

Ask a family member to take photos of you and some of the things you point to. When you have finished taking photos you could make a poster or Powerpoint presentation using your photos. You can title it ‘Dismoments’.

Option 2

Alternatively you can draw a picture of yourself in the middle of the page and all the things you pointed to around you. You can title it ‘Dismoments’.